Hello World!

Or maybe it is better to say hello to You who are in front of that screen at the moment.

Maybe you are here because you wanted to be here or maybe you are here by accident. Any way to be sure that I'm that one you are looking for here are some details about me:

My name is Nebojša             and my family name is Marković. Some of you might know me by nickname Mark. I was born in the town of Pančevo, which is located near the city of Belgrade, which is capital of Serbia. I went to high school Uroš Predić in Pančevo, and then I enrolled Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Belgrade Univesity, Serbia. I have finished Master course 'Energy and Environment' at SPEME, University of Leeds, UK.

Currently I am back in Serbia where I live and work.

Also you might got in contact with me in other activities as: cycling, snowboarding, playing football, working on various locations, enjoying Taizé, photographed or fed by me... :)

Feel free to contact me by email kontakt@markovicnebojsa.info or by phone +381 63 598847